We are Freedom for transparency Blockchain for Referandum and Elections


Join Us to Be The Freedom Leader of the New World

The Innovation of Electronic Voting with Blockchain Technology and Smart Contracts

Join Us to Be The Freedom Leader of the New World


We are the digital token that is going to change the world

The Biafracoin ecosystem is a unique blockchain technology with BFC Tokens to run smart contracts for elections and referendum voting globally, Biafracoin “Peer to peer” network will allow citizens of each country run smart contracts on their computers or phone using BFC Application either in Referendums, Election Voting or Transfer of Tokens

Each Vote can be checked by blockchain

The Transfer of Biafracoin is convenient and easy. The money transfer can occur everywhere in the world within seconds. Moreover, Biafracoin’s transfer fee is less

The transaction of Biafracoin is safe and anonymous. Each person is able to set a name or anonymous but the transaction can be checked by blockchain and Voting is transparent on Biafracoin blockchain. You can transfer Biafracoin to be kept in a Biafracoin wallet just downloading Biafracoin Wallet Application and this application is available for both ios and android.

The number of Biafracoin coins are limited only 29 million coins for worldwide.

Biafra Coin Advantages

Peer to Peer

The innovativeness of Biafracoin comes into action with its operation as it uses peer-to-peer technology. There is no central authority or any bank in between. The network conducts the issuing of bfc coins and tokens and process of managing transaction. Biafracoin is widely open to everyone. Nobody or any authority exists for it to control. Biafracoin provides a unique and exciting use of monetization that has never seen before.

Digital Banking

Through getting access to Internet connection, Biafracoin users, like the all other payment systems can afford to pay for their coins. This refers to the fact that, consumers don’t require to move to any bank or to any other place to pay for the product they bought. Personal information is not required for a successful transaction as it requires when the transaction is made through bank account or credit cards.

Biafra Coin Blog


Bitcoin is the first global, decentralized currency that allows you to send money from one person to another without involving a third party…


Why do you need to choose Biafracoin

Biafracoin has all in one Smart Contracts Blockchain, Intelligence robot trade program that is potential to profit from the  fluctuation of cryptocurrency in the market based on the feasibility.

How are we going to be one of your team?

You can acquire Biafracoin by purchasing during the initial launch (ICO) which will be available only 9 million coins. After that, it will be purchased via an exchange program or dig (Details are in the roadmap).

When will you start ICO?

The extended date for the ICO is 1 January 2018 to 31 January 2018. ( 30 Days)